Yoga for pregnant women


Yoga for pregnant women

Harmony and well-being for mother and child

Important: 10 cards started in Yoga for Pregnant Women and not cancelled due to the birth date will NOT expire! Open dates can be used at any time in Pelvic FloorFit, Pilates with Baby or Fit with Baby after the birth of your child. Feel free to ask us about it!

Pregnancy is a great challenge for the body and soul of the expectant mother. Natural physical changes include the loosening of the body’s tissue structures, the back muscles are put under a lot of strain due to the change in posture and the decreasing strength of the abdominal muscles. Shortness of breath occurs as the body needs increased oxygen to supply the baby.

To make it easier for the body to adjust to pregnancy, it is advisable to take sufficient, moderate exercise during this time as well – and for as long as the expectant mother feels comfortable doing so.

Yoga asanas (physical exercises) and pranayama (breathing exercises) help to find relaxation, relieve back pain and keep your figure supple. The asanas have a strengthening and relaxing effect on your pelvic floor muscles and enable you to prepare for and facilitate birth.

You gain the ability to adjust to the changes in your body with greater flexibility and find harmony with yourself and your child.

Course time and place

Wednesday 11:00 – 12:00

YoFit – The Center
for yoga and fitness

Course costs

One-way ticket


Ticket for ten (valid for 4 months)


Health insurance companies cover 2x per year
pro rata the course fees!

From the third ten-ticket in the calendar year for adults and children we give you 10 Euro discount!