Delfi course

What is Delfi?

DELFI is a program designed to support babies’ development throughout the first year of life. The word Delfi stands for:



Our DELFI COURSE TIMES in Dresden Löbtau:

Tuesdays 09:00-10:30 starting 18/6/24 for February/March born babies -> We will gladly accept your registration.

Tuesday 10:30-12:00 starting 07/05/24 for January/February born babies -> Course booked up.

Mondays 09:00-10:30 starting 15/4/24 for babies born in December ’23/January ’24 -> Course booked up.

Thursdays 10:30-12:00 starting 28/03/2024 for babies born November/December ’23 –> Course booked up. 

Mondays 10:30-12:00 starting 19/02/2024 for July/August/September born babies –> Course booked up.

Tuesdays 9:00-10:30 starting 09/04/24 for babies born June/July/August -> 2 free places on the course. 



Our DELFI COURSE TIMES in Dresden Neustadt:
Mondays 10:30-12:00 starting 27/05/2024 for December to February born babies –> We will gladly accept your registration. 
Wednesdays 10:45-12:15 starting 28/02/2024 for till September born babies –> We will gladly accept your registration.

The start of the course depends on the date of birth of your child. Your child can take part in the DELFI course from the age of ten weeks at the earliest and up to a maximum of one year. If there are free places, it is possible to join the current course. You only pay for the open course units. We start further courses at any time on request and with sufficient number of participants. Dads are also welcome to join us!

In the DELFI course, your child will experience various play and movement stimuli. These are not intended to accelerate the baby’s development, but merely to support it. Babies are encouraged to become active themselves.

Likewise, the games promote the relationship between parent and child. With singing, touching, gymnastics, feeling and water games, you will learn to accompany your baby’s development in all areas through play. Contact with other parents enables a mutual exchange of experiences. The Delfi course instructors are available to answer all questions about baby development, nutrition and care.


Course place



YoFit – The Center
for yoga and fitness in Löbtau and Neustadt

Course costs

Ticket for ten (closed course)