Pilates for pregnant women


Pilates for pregnant women

Pilates for pregnant women

The main difference from regular Pilates is that the different areas of the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor are not activated together.

The focus is on the spine, which requires mobilization and relaxation above all during pregnancy. Gentle strengthening of the lateral abdominal muscles and the stabilizing muscles near the center of the body help to regain a natural posture, to become aware of one’s own body and to reduce muscle tension. In addition, the entire body – and thus also your baby – is optimally supplied with oxygen.

Course time and place

Monday 17:45 – 18:45

YoFit – The Center
for yoga and fitness

Course costs

One-way ticket


Ticket for ten (valid for 4 months)


Health insurance companies cover 2x per year
pro rata the course fees!

From the third ten-ticket in the calendar year for adults and children we give you 10 Euro discount!