YogaIt’s about bringing the vital energy that slumbers in ourselves into a harmonic flow and thus harmonising body, spirit and soul.

But what is it at Yoga that leads to positive changes? The University of Dresden has found out that strong stretching of Yoga-Therapieour muscles calms the heartbeat. Precise, balanced physical exercises (Asanas) lead to a deep muscular-, conjunctive tissue- and tendon-stretching, which brings relaxation and pain relief if the exercising person treats their body in a mindful way. Yoga is also said to be always perceived as pleasant and soothing even with a slight and also desired pain from stretching.

The Asanas (physical exercises) also strengthen back- and ab muscles, muscular imbalances are reduced and tensions resolved. You experience a pleasant shift between calm and movement and you will feel more relaxed and energetic at the same time.

The course is suited for everyone who looks for a strengthening and simultaneously relaxing way of movement. Physical restrictions are not an obstacle.