Yoga for Pregnant Women

JanaYoga SchwangereHarmony and well-being for mother and child

Pregnancy is a great challenge for body and soul of the expectant mother. Among the natural physical changes of pregnancy is the loosening up of structures of the connective tissue of the body, especially back muscles are strongly in demand due to the change in posture and the abating strength of ab muscles. Breathlessness occurs, since the body increasingly needs oxygen for the nourishment of the child.

In order to make the adaptation to pregnancy easier for the body, it is advisable to sufficiently and moderately move also during this phase – as long as the expectant mother feels comfortable.

Yoga-Asanas (physical exercises) and Pranayama (breathing exercises) help to ease back pain and to keep your body flexible. Asanas have a strengthening and relaxing effect on your pubococcygeus muscle and facilitate the preparation and ease of the delivery.

You receive the opportunity to brace yourself for the changes in your body with greater flexibility and find harmony for you and your child.