Mini Kids Dance

TanzmäuseIn a playful way, children from 3 years of age learn small motion sequences. Easy dance and motion games are in focus of the course. In a child-oriented way, feeling for body and rhythm are trained, contact and mindfulness for one another is fostered and joy through moving is lived out.

There is no dress code. Party animals wear what is comfortable for them and what they like. Small dancing feet are happy about shoes with thin sole, so that the foot muscles can work properly. Also good non-slip socks can be worn. If you like, bring a drinking bottle to the course. If necessary, during the first lessons a parent may come to the course room, but then you have to join the dance.

You are welcome to pay for an individual lesson for getting acquainted. It will be passed to account if you subsequently opt for the party animal course. Are you interested? Then quickly book a party animal place, since the number of participants is restricted.