Zumba Fitness®

This party makes you fit!Zumba1

Zumba Fitness® combines Latin-American beats like salsa, samba and merengue with simple dance steps. The effective and captivating workout is ideally suited to burn calories and active the metabolism. You don’t have to be a dancer for Zumba Fitness® – the most important aspect is that you like moving along to music.

Zumba Fitness® with us at YoFit: With us you find daily Zumba courses with varying focus – from Zumba with baby to Zumba in combination with Abs, Buns and Thighs or intensive abs training to the classical 60 minute Zuma-dance-party.

Zumba Gold – A smooth programme for newbies and everyone who wants to resume training

Zumba Gold is ideally suited for those who have just restarted exercising and would like to get their cardiovascular system going again. Zumba Gold is a gentle variation of Zumba fitness, for newbies and people who want to resume training as well as active older people. You experience stimulating and easily learnt movements with Latin-American music in a rousing atmosphere. Zumba Gold is community, fitness and fun!