Back Fitness

RückenfitnessThe right posture is of decisive importance for the health of our back. Moreover, the back needs to stay in motion for the back muscles to be in demand in a uniform way and for the intervertebral discs to be nourished sufficiently.

In our back fitness courses, your back muscles are specifically mobilised and strengthened by gentle stretching and strengthening exercises, with or without additional equipment (among others Pezzi balls, Thera-Bands). Muscular imbalances and one-sided daily load are counterbalanced. With regular training you can thus fight or prevent backache.

You will feel more mobile, upright and at ease.

Information: Back courses are sponsored by statutory health insurances (as per §20 par.1 SGB5), i.e. with regular attendance of a completed 10-hour course, up to 80% of the course fee is refunded by the statutory health insurance.