Back Fitness for Men

Here, men are among themselves.

RückenfitnessAccording to a survey, backache is, in this country, the commonest form of pain; for men even the commonest reason for non-productive time.

In focus of our course back fitness for men is the strengthening of ab and back muscles. Specific strengthening and targeted mobilisation exercises ensure that pressure is relieved from the backbone, the surrounding muscles are strengthened and pain is prevented. The training partially takes place with small equipment (among others dumb bells, balls). Exercises for coordination and body perception improve posture and mobility and allow for a new quality of movement. An ideal compensation for an everyday seated working life or one-sided load.

The course is open for all age groups.

Hours: Mondays 7.10 pm

Information: Back courses are sponsored by statutory health insurances (as per §20 par.1 SGB5), i.e. with regular attendance of a completed 10-hour course, up to 80% of the course fee is refunded by the statutory health insurance.

Enrol now: 0351/ 43 83 25 48, via email or directly in our studio.