Rehab Training | Functional Gymnastics

A moderate endurance- and strength training for everyone

Rehab training/ functional gymnastics is an exercise-offering addressed to people with chronic, treated or postoperative sickness.

The course begins with a light cardiovascular training, which activates the metabolism and stimulates breathing. The following functional gymnastics is completely determined by the individual needs of the participants. In a gentle way, the retention and building up of the whole muscular system is supported. You will feel healthier and more physically fit.


Rehab-Training dates with us:

Monday 9.00 am – Pilates

Monday 5.45 pm – Pilates

Monday 7 pm – Back Fitness for men

Tuesday 8.15 pm – Back Fitness for men

Wednesday 10.15 am – Functional Gymnastics

Thursday 10.15 am – Functional Gymnastics

Thursday 5.45 pm – Pilates and Backfitness

Friday 10.15 am – Functional Gymnastics

Other classes on request