Pilates“After 10 hours you feel the difference, after 20 hours you see the difference, and after 30 hours you own a new body.“ Joseph Pilates

Pilates is a training method for the whole body. Muscle areas are specifically activated, strengthened or stretched. Special attention is placed on deep muscles of the centre of the body – primarily the pelvic base, abs and back muscles. These muscle areas support not only the erection of the backbone and help to prevent backache or alleviate pain, but they also improve posture and cater for an increased pleasurable sensation, which can give a fresh impetus to your love life. Breathing plays a decisive role in Pilates. It supports the intended movements, activates the metabolism, enhances concentration and contributes to ease of mind and relaxation.

Pilates is an exercising programme which can be practised by everybody, independent of age and physical fitness.

Aims of Pilates training:

  • Increase of vigour of the body
  • Improvement of body perception
  • Development of body consciousness
  • Improvement of posture
  • Increase of strength and flexibility
  • Training of coordination and body control
  • Improvement of ability to relax
  • Prevention of backache

Pilates for pregnant women – The most important difference to regular Pilates is that the varied areas of ab muscles and pelvic base are not activated simultaneously. Focus is on the backbone, which needs mobilisation and relaxation especially during pregnancy. A gentle strengthening of sideward ab muscles and stabilising muscles next to the centre of the body help to rediscover a natural posture, to become aware of the own body and to decrease muscle tension. Additionally, the whole body -and thus also your baby- is ideally provided with oxygen.