Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is tailor-made for people suffering from chronic neck-, knee- and back pains, since it relieves the locomotor system up to 30% and releases muscle tension in shoulder- and neck area.

Moreover, Nordic walking raises your cardiovascular performance, improves oxygen supply in the whole body and induces the release of endogenous happiness hormones. Thus it is predestined for people with slight cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and metabolic syndrome as well as mental problems like stress and anxiety symptoms.

Nordic walking is ideally suited for overweight people. With this especially joint-friendly way of movement, the fat metabolism is activated and thus muscles are build up gently but effectively and fat is reduced.

Check it out, you will be impressed. Nordic walking poles are provided by us.

Compact course (4 appointments): Wednesday, 30th of May, 6th, 13th and 20th of June 2018
Hours and location: 5.30 – ca. 7.00 pm, meeting place YoFit Studio, Tharandter Str. 41, 01159 Dresden
Expense: 4 appointments for 45,- €

If interested please contact us!