Abs, buns and thighs

Bauch Beine PoThose who move and exercise regularly feel more energetic and healthy.

The reason for this: not only muscles, skeleton and cardiovascular system profit from movement, but also the immune system is strengthened by moderate training. Because sport helps alleviating physical and psychical stress, which takes a heavy toll on the immune system and weakens the body’s defences.

A moderate fitness training with a combination of endurance and strength units is optimal: A training combination that you can find in our abs, buns and thighs courses.

An aerobic section at the beginning of the lesson activates your metabolism and gets breathing, heart and circulation going. The burning of carb and fat is induced. Subsequent strengthening exercises tighten muscles of abs, buns and thighs.

Problematic areas shrink, you feel powerful and enjoy a better physical feeling. It is trained with or without small equipment (among others Thera-Band, Pezzi ball, dumb bells). The course is open to all age groups.