Pilates with Child Care

PilatesPilates is an effective training method for the whole body. Special attention is paid to the muscles of pelvic base, ab and back. Especially the pelvic base is the centre of force of our body. It supplies us with energy and makes us feel our strong and upright centre of the body. A well trained pubococcygeus muscle is supplied with blood much better and also more sensitive, which has a positive effect on sexuality. Furthermore, it stabilises the lumbar spine and thus prevents tensions. If the pelvic base is too weak, this can be the reason for back pains, an imbalanced posture and loss of spiritual stability.

The good news is: muscles can be shaped a whole life long. It is never too late to start training.

In order for you to concentrate well on the interplay of strengthening exercises and special Pilates breathing technique and find ease of mind and relaxation, we offer you child care for mothers with baby during the course.

Our courses with child care are tagged ** in the course schedule. For care we collect a small flat rate of 2 Euro. We’re happy if you tell us about your wish to make use of the child care.