Pilates for Pregnant Women

Pilates SchwangerePilates during pregnancy can help you as an expectant mother to find a natural posture again, reduce muscle tension and make your body strong and at the same time smooth and flexible for delivery. Moreover, the whole organism, thus also the baby, is optimally provided with oxygen.

There are important aspects to pay heed to during Pilates training during pregnancy. The decisive difference to regular Pilates is that the different areas of ab muscles and the pubococcygeus muscle are not to be activated jointly. Moreover, the rectus abdominis muscle is left out, because this muscle begins to split from about the 13th week of pregnancy in order to make space for the baby. The manifold all-fours positions scheduled, however, are especially suited for expectant mothers, since they serve the health maintenance of the backbone, which needs a lot of mobilisation and relaxation during pregnancy.