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Dancing to the beat – how dancing supports child developmentKindertanz

By moving to music, the dancer experiences power, energy and self-confidence. Children still own the natural urge to move in a dancing manner, to turn around, to bop up and down and to sway. But they need time and space to act this out. The varied sensory experiences that children have with dance-like movements -be it mutual movements with others to the beat or experiencing the expressiveness of their own body- make a big contribution to a healthy physical and psychical development of the child. However, dancing not only supports the learning ability and makes for mental balance, but is also a brilliant means against postural defects and malpositions in order to improve the balance of the body.

Ranking foremost for us is the joy through movement in accordance with the music.

 Zumba KidsDance courses with us:

  • Children’s dance from the age of 4
  • Children’s dance from the age of 6
  • Zumba Kids from about 6 years of age

With us you also find sibling- courses. This way, the elder sibling can let off steam with children’s gymnastics, while parents can practise gymnastics with the youngest. Moreover, we also offer courses for 3-5 year old children, where siblings with appropriate age difference can exercise together. If you enrol two children you receive a discount on the second course fee. Please contact us on this.