Parent-child Gymnastics

Eltern Kind TurnenWith children aged 1,5 – 3 years

During earliest childhood, parents and siblings influence the development and behaviour of a child most. This also applies to the motion behaviour. A child develops a positive attitude towards sport especially if the rest of the family is also mindful of physical activities in everyday life.

Our parent-child gymnastics is a movement programme where you as mum / dad or also grandma/ grandpa can become active together with your offspring. Experience fun with playing games, discovering and moving!

Parent-child gymnastics fosters the harmonic development of muscles of your child and thus can prevent poor posture and false positions. It supports body perception and develops movement skills like running, hopping, balancing, rolling and catching as well as dealing with different pieces of small sports equipment like for example hoops, balls, scarves, ropes, small bags of rice and much more. Your child experiences him-/ herself in cooperation with a children’s group and develops first social competences.

With us you also find sibling- courses. This way, parents can practise gymnastics with the youngest, while the elder sibling lets off steam with children’s dance or children’s gymnastics. If you enrol two children you receive a discount on the second course fee. Please contact us on this.

What is required:

  • comfortable clothing for your child (and you should also be able to move comfortably in your clothes)
  • non-slip socks or shoes with thin sole
  • possibly a drinking bottle