You’re looking for a nice present for family, friends or colleagues?

Give away a YoFit-Active-Voucher for single sessions or even a complete course à 10 units. The presentee can then choose a course from our current course schedule (provided there is capacity).

You get vouchers for:

  • One-on-one lessons Fitness (Zumba, Pilates, Spinal Fitness, Abs, Buns and Thighs,…) à 12 euro
  • One-on-one lessons Yoga (Yoga for pregnant women, Yoga) à 13 euro
  • One-on-one lessons toddlers à 9 euro
  • Pack of 10 tickets Fitness 89 euro
  • Pack of 10 tickets Yoga 99 euro
  • Pack of 10 tickets Toddlers 75 euro
  • 10 units Kids’ Gymnastics /Kid’s Dance /Fit Kids / Zumba Kids 75 euro
  • 10 units Parent-child-gymnastics 75 euro
  • 10 units Delfi course 89 euro
  • Amount of your choice

Please use the following form for your order. Please enter the name and address that equals the invoice address. We will send you the invoice. When cashed, the voucher will be sent to you. Please note that with sending, postage of 1,50 euro is charged.

We’re happy to prepare urgent vouchers for you. Upon consultation you can collect them during our opening hours at YoFit in Dresden-Löbtau.


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