Fasciae training

Fasciae-Fitness – Discover the complete function of your muscles

To train the fasciae, our connective tissue web, means to make the whole body strong, efficient and soothingly flexible at the same time. A healthy connective tissue protects muscles, tendons and ligaments from injuries and prevents attrition in the joints. When training with the Blackroll (one of the 4 pillars of fasciae training), the connective tissue is brought under pressure, which makes it yield and thus adhesions in the tissue are released.

Your workout complemented by fasciae training gives you:Faszientraining mit der Blackroll

  • More muscular capability
  • Prevention against injuries
  • Fun and variation in training
  • Your body feels wonderfully smooth and flexible afterwards
  • Muscular pain can be relieved this way

As of now you can find this new trend in our course schedule. Abs, buns and thighs- fasciae Wednesday 7 pm.

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