Relaxation Therapy

Experience peace – enjoy relaxation. A balanced rhythm between stress and rest in everyday life is the precondition for leading a healthy life.

In the individual relaxation therapy you experience and learn relaxation techniques that help you transform stress into relaxation and composedly and calmly overcome stressful situations.

What do relaxation techniques induce?Entspannung

  • Your mental health is increased.
  • You experience peace and relaxation.
  • Inner anxieties decrease.
  • Your physical health is improved: stress-induced tensions, tension headache and sleep disorders are reduced.
  • Your own body perception is improved.
  • Your ability to concentrate is fostered.

The personal meetings are created by diverse different treatments, like progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training, imaginary journeys and gentle Yoga and breathing exercises.

Agreements of appointment as well as number of meetings is determined by your wishes. We’re happy to advise you.