Early Bird

EarlyBirdThe early bird likes exercising!

  • You like putting on your sportswear directly in the morning?
  • You don’t have time and motivation to exercise in the evening?
  • Your baby gets up early anyway?

Then you’re absolutely right in our early bird courses!

Early-morning exercise keeps you fit! Especially for employees, movement is not only a necessary compensation for stressful everyday life, but also important to keep up health and productivity. Often times, however, there’s lack of motivation to exercise after a long working day.

Early Bird – It’s the early-morning exercise for those who are very busy, jump starters and morning grouches.

3acf6ad7-1b56-4374-8e95-9fe4331e5f77You can expect a varied training which focuses on the whole body. Whether legs, abs, back or shoulders – endurance or strength training- here, metabolism (fat reduction) and all body muscles are called into action. The training is organised in a varied way, with small equipment and a finishing stretching.

It is possible to take a shower afterwards, so you can start the day wide awake.

*You can bring your baby to our early bird courses.