Accompany baby’s development

When can I start a course?

The course start depends on the date of birth of your child. At the earliest of ten weeks to maximally one year your child can participate in a DELFI-course. For enrolment and further questions please contact us.

What is Delfi?

DELFI is a programme for the support of the development of babies during the whole first year of age. The word DELFI stands for:

D…enken (think),
E…ntwickeln (develop),
L…ieben (love),
F…ühlen (feel),
I…ndividuell (individual).

Even babies are able to do many things if the optimal circumstances for their development are given. In surveys it has been found that babies were more content and developed better than their contemporaries when they were played with regularly and could move extensively. Since babies move more intensely when they are naked rather than dressed, your child is allowed to move naked and freely during the 90-minute DELFI-courses.

DSC00202In the DELFI-course your child experiences different play- and movement stimulations. These are not meant to accelerate the development of the baby, but simply to support them. The babies are thereby not moved in a passive way, but stimulated to become active themselves.

Likewise, the games foster the relationship between parents and child. By singing-, touching-, feeling games and doing gymnastics, different materials and massages you learn to accompany the development of your baby in all areas in a playful way. The contact with other parents enables a mutual exchange of experiences. The Delfi- course leaders are available for all questions around development, nutrition and care of babies.

Charge: 10 course units à 90 min = 89,-€