Company health sport courses

Woman doing pushupFoster the health of your employees and save taxes!

Numerous surveys prove that workplace health promotion has a positive effect on employee loyalty, -health and team building.

Our sport therapists and yoga teachers conduct health sport courses also in your company upon request. Especially popular are the following courses:

  • Back fitness
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Abs, buns and thighs

But all other courses in our course programme from A like autogenic training to Z like Zumba we also conduct for you. You can choose whether your employees exercise before work, during lunch break or after work.

If dress code and workflow in your company do not enable training or getting changed, there is also the possibility to do business Yoga, back gymnastics or relaxation training at the workplace or in a seated position.

Businessman sitting in lotus position, Isolated against white background

Another possibility of workplace health promotion is the awarding of “health vouchers“. You as entrepreneur finance one or more tickets of ten or the membership at YoFit and your employees can, according to interest and personal timeframe, visit one of our numerous courses in DD-Löbtau.