Body Shaping

OUR SPECIAL COURSE for her and him!Bodyshaping

In our body shaping course we don’t concentrate on individual body areas. The focus is on the strengthening of all body areas like arms, shoulders, back muscles, abs and leg muscles. It is trained with small equipment, among others dumb bells, soft ball, flexibar etc.

Body shaping means:

  • power-endurance-training with optimal pulse that stimulates fat burning
  • Modification from fat- to muscle mass through intensive strengthening of the whole body
  • Tightening of muscles and shaping of the body silhouette through targeted work on shoulder muscles, abs and leg muscles

In order for you to find your convenient body shaping course, irrespective of your working hours, we offer it in the early morning, as after work course in the late afternoon as well as in prime time for the evening sportspeople among you.

Here you can enrol for the course: